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Store Creation

There are certain steps that needs to be done in-order to use Merchant Dashboard. Such as, creation of store is must in-order to perform the desired operations that Globiance Checkout is supposed to do.

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Steps to create a store:

User have to create the store under store section by entering following details from his store

  1. Settlement Currency: The stablecoin into which the incoming cryptocurrency will be converted to

  2. Label: Your store name

  3. Callback URL: The URL where we will send out event updates for checkouts & payments with relevant payloads

  4. Tolerance: The maximum deviation in percentage in crypto currency amount allowed in order to be marked as a valid amount

  5. Merchant Official Fees: The processing fee in percentage which you can charge you customer on top of the item price. This will be visible to user at the time of checkout

  6. Allowed Domain: The domains on which the Globiance Checkout widget will be allowed to work for this store

  7. Logo: Your store logo


After successful submission of a form an API key and secret is shown to user. Must note that API key and secret somewhere safe.

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